Day R Survival MOD APK 1.754 (Free Shopping, Mod Menu)

Day R Survival MOD APK 1.754 (Free Shopping, Mod Menu)

4.5 (15165)Games, Role Playing

App Information of Day R Survival

App Name Day R Survival v1.754
Genre Games, Role Playing
Size143 MB
Latest Version1.754
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Package Namecom.gm_shaber.dayr
Rating 4.5 ( 15165 )

Description of Day R Survival

Day R Survival MOD APK 1.754 (Free Shopping, Mod Menu) Android Role Playing Game Free Download with Safe Direct Download links to the Most Recent Version.

Are you looking for a survival game that will put your skills to the test? Look no further than Day R Survival, an intense post-apocalyptic RPG that challenges players to rebuild a city destroyed in a nuclear war. And with the MOD APK version of this game,

Day R Survival MOD APK 1.754 (Free Shopping, Mod Menu)

you can unlock unlimited coins and take your gameplay to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all of the features and benefits of Day R Survival’s MOD APK version, so buckle up and get ready for an epic adventure!


Day R Survival is a survival RPG game developed by tltGames that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of the former Soviet Union. The game features an open-world environment where players must fight for survival by managing their hunger, thirst, and radiation levels while also scavenging for resources to craft gear and weapons.

In this immersive gameplay experience, you’ll have to navigate through cities and towns devastated by nuclear war while avoiding hostile NPCs and mutated creatures. You can even trade with other survivors or join forces with them to increase your chances of survival.

One unique aspect of Day R Survival is its realism. The game incorporates real-life aspects such as diseases like cholera or dysentery, which makes it more challenging but also more rewarding when you’re able to overcome these obstacles.

Day R Survival is a thrilling adventure that requires strategy and skill if you want to survive in this harsh post-apocalyptic world. With the MOD APK version unlocking unlimited coins, you’ll have access to even more tools at your disposal as you work towards rebuilding society from scratch!


Day R Survival MOD APK is a game that gives you the ultimate survival experience in a post-nuclear world. The game features an immersive storyline that follows your character as they try to survive and rebuild their life amidst destruction.

One of the most exciting features of Day R Survival MOD APK is its open-world gameplay, which allows players to explore different locations, interact with other survivors, and gather resources needed for survival. Players can search various buildings such as homes, hospitals or factories for items like food, water or weapons.

The game also has an intricate crafting system where players can combine found objects into more useful tools. You could craft anything from simple bandages to complex vehicles.

Another feature worth mentioning is the variety of enemies present in this game – mutants infected by radiation roam around in packs and are always looking for their next meal- meaning you’ll never be short on action or danger!

Furthermore, Day R Survival MOD APK’s graphics provide a realistic visual representation of what it would be like after nuclear war has devastated humanity. It makes every element look believable – from abandoned towns filled with skeletons to vast wastelands stretching out further than the eye can see.

These impressive features make this game one that stands apart from other mobile games within its genre!

Get Unlimited Coins

One of the most challenging aspects of mobile gaming is having to constantly earn or purchase in-game currency to progress. Day R Survival MOD APK takes away this obstacle by offering players unlimited coins right off the bat.

With unlimited coins, players can easily buy weapons, armor, and other necessary items without worrying about running out of funds. This allows for a more immersive gameplay experience as you don’t have to waste time grinding or spending real money on microtransactions.

Additionally, with unlimited coins at your disposal, you can focus on rebuilding the city destroyed by nuclear war instead of worrying about how much in-game currency you have left. You’ll be able to spend your time exploring new areas and crafting essential survival items without any financial limitations holding you back.

Getting unlimited coins in Day R Survival MOD APK not only makes playing the game easier but also enhances immersion and enjoyment.

Rebuild the City Destroyed in Nuclear War

In Day R Survival MOD APK, players are tasked with rebuilding a city that has been destroyed in a nuclear war. This is no easy feat, as resources are scarce and dangers lurk around every corner.

To begin the rebuilding process, players must scavenge for materials such as wood, metal and food. These materials can be found by exploring abandoned buildings or killing wild animals.

Once enough resources have been gathered, players can start building structures such as shelters, hospitals and workshops. Each structure serves a specific purpose and will help players survive in this harsh post-apocalyptic world.

However, it’s not just about building structures – players must also defend their city from raiders and other hostile groups who want to steal their resources. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game and keeps things exciting.

The ability to rebuild a destroyed city adds depth to Day R Survival MOD APK. It gives players something tangible to work towards and helps create a sense of progression throughout the game.

Pros And Cons

One of the great things about Day R Survival MOD APK is that it provides a unique and challenging gameplay experience. Here are some pros and cons to consider before jumping into the game.

Firstly, players can enjoy unlimited coins in this modified version which makes it easier for them to progress faster than in the original game. Secondly, rebuilding a city destroyed by nuclear war adds a new layer of depth to traditional survival games. It’s not just about surviving, but also about building a community and restoring civilization from scratch.

Another pro is that players have access to an extensive range of crafting options. They can create everything from weapons and armor to food and medicine, making the game more immersive and allowing for greater customization of their character.

On the downside, players may find that resources are scarce at times making it difficult for them to progress quickly through certain sections of the game. Additionally, there are occasional bugs or glitches that could impact gameplay or cause frustration.

While rebuilding a city can be interesting for some players, others may prefer a more straightforward survival experience without having to worry about managing multiple aspects of their character’s life.

Day R Survival MOD APK offers an engaging and unique gaming experience with both pros and cons worth considering before diving in.


The gameplay of Day R Survival MOD APK Free Shopping is quite immersive and engaging. It puts you in the shoes of a survivor who has to navigate through a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger at every turn. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is that it offers an open-world experience, allowing players to explore various locations and interact with different characters.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various challenges that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. You have to manage your resources carefully, including food, water, medicine, and ammunition while fending off hostile enemies like mutants and bandits.

Crafting plays an important role in Day R Survival MOD APK as well. Players can create their own weapons, armor, and other useful items using materials found throughout the game’s world. The crafting system adds another layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

The gameplay of Day R Survival MOD APK provides an intense survival experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end. With its diverse range of features and challenging obstacles to overcome during playtime – it’s no wonder why gamers around love this thrilling mobile survival game!


Day R Survival MOD APK Free Shopping is an exciting survival game that takes players on a journey through the post-apocalyptic world. With its unique features and unlimited coins, players can rebuild cities destroyed by nuclear war and survive against all odds.

The game’s addictive gameplay keeps players engaged for hours as they explore different regions in search of resources to stay alive. With realistic graphics and sound effects, this game provides a thrilling experience that will keep you coming back for more.

However, it’s important to note that while the game is free to download, there are in-app purchases available which may be necessary to progress through some stages of the game. Additionally, some devices may not be compatible with this app.

If you’re looking for an immersive survival experience on your mobile device, Day R Survival MOD APK is definitely worth trying out. Download it now and see how long you can survive in a world ravaged by nuclear war!

How to installDay R Survival: Last Survivor Apk App?

1. Save the APK file from the URL provided below.
2. To install, tap on the saved.apk file.
3. To complete the installation, follow the instructions on your screen.
4. Done!

You can also install Android APK on Windows PC:
1. Install LDPlayer – The Best Free Android Emulator on your computer.
2. Open the LEDPlayer application.
3. Open the LED Player and Drag the Downloaded and Saved.apk file into it.
4. Done!

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